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Re: seperation efficiency of cyclones

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BK says

Re: seperation efficiency of cyclones

Pl. send me excel sheets regarding separation efficiency of cylocnes for mail ID 

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lalbatros says

Re: seperation efficiency of cyclones

Just go to this web page:

From this page you can calculate the cut diameter using this formula:

cut diameter

I read this in the description of this web page:

Cyclone calculator solving for cut diameter given gas viscosity, inlet width, effective turns, inlet velocity, particle density and gas density

If you want that in excel, you can just write the above formula on a blank excel sheet and use 6 cells to represent the six parameters needed for the calculation.

To calculate the viscosity of the gas, you can simply write the formulas you will find there (or on Nist eventually):

The "" web page above also offers you 27 other calculations regarding cyclones. All these are easily writen in excel.

Predicting the cut diameter from the formula above is not more than a qualitative evaluation. Expect large differences with measurements. I don't believe there is any reasonnable way to calculate a full cyclone separation curve from a simple formula.