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TimePosted 05/09/2010 16:10:17
elwathig says

IDFan design

dear all:

pls what the relation equetions for preheater fan design? (power +flow etc.....)


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TimePosted 28/12/2010 11:24:45
Ahmed says

IDFan design

Base data for your PH Fan design:

Type of Fuel: Coal or HFO or NG

CV of your fuel : For HFO it is 9700 KCal/Kg Fuel

Specific Heat Consumption : Around 720 KCal/Kg Cl. without Bypass and

                                                      820 KCal/Kg Cl. with Bypass Systems


From Your Specific Heat Consumption

1) You can calculate the amount of Fuel Consumption in both your Kiln Firing and PC Firing .

2) From your amount of Fuel you can calculate the amount of air required for combustion.

Therefore, the Flow of your PH Fan would be ( Combustion air + 5 % O2 at PH Exit - Primary air introducing through Burner Pipe ( appr. 7 % of Total Air ) )

From Flow data you can calculate Power Consumption of your PH Fan in KW


For Cooler ID Fan,

We will introduce  approximately 2.0 - 2.2 NM3/Kg Cl. of air  into cooler,

and the PH Fan consumes around  0.8  NM3/Kg Cl. of air

then remaining is for cooling your Clinker from 1300 Deg. C to  100 Deg C

 this is your Cooler ID Fan Margin i.e around 1.2 NM3/Kg Cl. of air.