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TimePosted 28/09/2010 07:24:39
htck says

how can we control XRF if it works reliable, not using calibration samples set

i know about calibration samples, but i think we dont have them. we have 10 pieces drift samples which they work not effective.

 i want to ask about another application for XRF. we use klin sample which we know its chemical analysis. (how we know? gravimetric and volumetric analysis are done in labrotary for selected sample.we make powder tablets with this sample.and control our XRF)

my problem is, deterioration. my powder tablet and granule kiln garbled.we take care of granule kiln in nylon bag at room temperature and room conditions. chemical properties of clinker changes.

is it possible? kiln garbled?? and i know about your applicatios about this subject.xrf.

thanks for your help.  


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TimePosted 28/09/2010 11:48:47
Dastgir says

Re: how can we control XRF if it works reliable, not using calibration samples set

Dear Htck,

There is no requirement of calibration if machine is giving results in acceptable range of error. But to verify this, periodic verification of machine stability is must and this periodic verification is to determined by user, since machines health will depend on its use.

For calibration certified reference samples should always be maintained, though verification may be carried out using lab standards.

For press pellets we are not using drift update regularly. We have set the period to 1 years and therefore never face pop warning for drift update. 

it is always hard to preserve press pellets, since upper layer of pellet, which is analyte surface for xrays continuously face spoiling.Better always prepare fresh pellet every time.

With clinker the problem become more complex since, free CaO reacts with moisture in air and start cracking on storage.




Gulam Dastgir