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TimePosted 01/10/2010 07:37:33
xxxx says

snowman formation

without changing the chemical composition of clinker,raw mix & coal mix

i am facing problem of snowman formation.

a sample of snowman has

4.10 fe2o3,

22.7 sio2

5.5 al2o3

65.4 cao

0.9 mgo

0.5 k2o

49.7 c3s

27.8 c2s

27.1 liq

clinker litre weight 1150g/l

free lime 1.2

coal ash 10-11 %

 coal mix 70 % petcoke & 30% indian

due to this i have inserted by burner pipe inside by 800 mm

is there any other solution during running

what is the possible cause & remedy





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Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 01/10/2010 16:28:55

Re: snowman formation

Mr.Ted has given the following reply on the subject as reply to subject query.

'Snowmen' can be formed under the following conditions ;-

 1. A large amount of fines are present at the kiln outlet. 

 2.  Large lumps of clinker coating fall from the kiln onto the first grates of the cooler.

3. High temperatures and/or high amounts of liquid phase is present in the clinker exiting the kiln.

High temperatures and/or a lot of liquid phase will cause clinker to clump together on the first grates of the cooler, especially if there is little or no movement there to stop the agglomeration.

Fines then stick to the top surfaces of these clumped clinker. As layer after layer of the fines fuse onto the clump of clinker, a 'snowman' will grow upwardly into a stalagmite-like structure. Sometimes, large lumps of kiln coating may act as a base for the formation of 'snowmen'. Left unchecked, these 'snowmen' may eventually grow to reach the mouth of the kiln, and block the discharge of clinker from the kiln.

 There are two methods for removal of snowmen;-

1. Shoot them out with a kiln cannon.

or better still;

2. Install blasters at critical locations and program them to go off periodically, preventing the snowmen from getting big enough to cause a problem.

The manufactures of some new coolers claim to incorporate special design features to help minimise or eliminate 'snowmen'

Hope that helps,


 Bhaskar Agate