Saddam Hu
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TimePosted 16/10/2010 21:09:07
Saddam Hu says

Re: Inline calciner

The calciner itself cannot make reducing atmosphere. It is a matter of fuel physical state, orifice cross-section, aerodinamic. We have combustion not only in ILC but also in the last stage cyclone. And I do not think it is big advantage.

But it is truth: our NOx is on the level of EU standards for new plants without reducing agents


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TimePosted 17/10/2010 07:04:29
Dastgir says

Re: Inline calciner

Dear Saddam,

You're right. None equipment is capable to maintain some specifics by its own. They are designed to sustain these parameters optimally. Feedback will always be manual and this is true for evey equipment of every industry.

Separate line calciner, having similar function can not do that significantly because it does not encounter such gases directly. Inline calciner receives volatiles from kiln directly through kiln riser duct and reducing atmosphere there do the trick of conversion of NOX into N2.



Gulam Dastgir