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Re: On what basis we operate the PH Fan


Dear experts,

Pl. clarify the following things:

1. What is the Basic parameters to operate the Kiln Pre-heater Fan (i.e. what is the draft

limit) for ILC Kilns.


Basic parameter to operate any preheater fan is Volumetric flow rate (Desired Flow at exit) Static pressure, Temperature and Required O2 Conc at kiln inlet (Complete combustion)  for an Ideal 5 stage ILC system this would be

Flow -   1.4 Nm3/kg.cli

Temp - 300 - 320 oC

Draught - 400 - 500 mmWG at PH Fan inlet


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chari says

Re: On what basis we operate the PH Fan

I have a basic for Clinker producion 

air has nothing to do with the clinker.

Coal is required for heat, and heat is required for clinker formation.

it is only required to burn the coal in oxidising atmosphere.

1.How much coal to be burn per hour

2. How much is the oxygen required

3. What is the amount of air required

4. How much excess air for oxidising condition.

5. How much leakages in the kiln sysyem (ILC,Cyclones,Inlet etc)

6.Then calculate NM3/hr required

7. The flow rate is to be changed when the condition of the kiln ask for, i.e Low feed ,

coating discharge, o2 at kiln inlet and fan inlet, Co at inlet and fan ,o2 and CO at ILC inlet and outlet.



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BK says

Re: On what basis we operate the PH Fan

Thank you for all.