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TimePosted 19/10/2010 15:50:02
Dastgir says

Re: red spot

Dear Elwathig,

I am not knowledgible on the matter much, but  whatever information i gather from my companions is that it depends on secondary air moment. Secondary air follow trajectory path inside the kiln upto some distance and thereafter become axial. At this point your burner pipe tip should situate.But there is not a direct formula to know that, as per what they transpire to me.

This is in consonance of the fact that if situated at shorter distance, the non axial movement of secondary air may impinge flame ofn the refractory directly thus severely damaging it.Though this consideration may not be the only one. Hope someone expert of the matter will help you as well as me too.


Gulam Dastgir



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Saddam Hu
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TimePosted 20/10/2010 15:50:52
Saddam Hu says

Re: red spot


what the optimum position for nozzle pipe tip inside the kiln?

At the kiln outlet. No need to go more into the kiln


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TimePosted 26/10/2010 12:22:40
Nael says

Re: red spot

* Stopping the kiln is not an easy decision and most of you know what is the cost of kiln stoppage. Here in this forum when any question asked about red spot the first answer usually STOP THE KILN which i think it is not always the correct answer because there is alot of reasons of red spots. These reasons can be solved without stopping the kiln and as you know the temperature of th red spot range from 450 degree and may reach up to 800 or 900 degree. What i think is that red spot below 500 degree is not dangerous if it will not remain for long time. I have run kilns with big capacities for hours with red spot till taking the action and solving the problem of red spot. Before one year red spot appeared in one of our kilns in the burninig zone suddenly with a temp of 800 degree and I have taken the decision of kiln stoppage in seconds. What i mean 450 degree red spot not same as 800 degree red spot.

Regarding to your question, i think pushing the burner pipe few centimeters in or reducing the position of the flame by reducing the radial pressure solving the problem