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TimePosted 07/12/2010 07:41:33
B.P.Jain says

Cement Transport by F.K.Pump

Will somebody guide me how to calculate volume and pressure of compressed air is required when following are given:
1.    FK Pump size  : IBAU Make type “ IB-D251-10”
2.    Max. quantity of Cement to be transported. : 100 t/h
3.    I/d of Transport Pipe Line : 261mm
4.    Horizontal Length of the Pipe Line:  For silo#3 : 87m, up to silo# 6: 163m
5.    Vertical Lenth of the Pipe Lin;For silo#3 : 49m.for silo#6 : 49m
6.    No. of Bends.] : For silo#3 side : 4 nos,For silo#6 side : 8nos
7.    Compressor Specifications with respect to Volume & Pressure.  1no. 75.87m3/min,1.76 bar and other 76.5m3/min,1.5bar
8.    Pressure of the compressed air near F.K. Pump :  same as above.



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 07/12/2010 10:34:04

Re: Cement Transport by F.K.Pump

You need to ask IBAU.