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TimePosted 13/12/2010 13:33:28
BK says

Effects of Excess Primary Air in Kiln Operation

Dear all,


If we increased PA in the system at Kiln and PC, what effects will be occured in kiln operation.

Please clarify.


with regards



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TimePosted 14/12/2010 09:41:49
lalbatros says

Re: Effects of Excess Primary Air in Kiln Operation

If the total air consumption remains the same (same %O2), the heat consumption will increase a little bit since some hot air from the cooler will be stacked. The detailled balance could be more complicated:

More kiln PA should decrease the flame temperature in the kiln.
It could also increase a little bit the flame temperature in the PC.
Less secondary air used on the kiln makes the tertiary air a little bit hotter.
If the increased heat consumption is taken into account, the end result could also depend on where the additional fuel will be burned.

More PA both on kiln and PC will likely decrease both flame temperatures.
This should depend on the detailled balance.

You migth need a model, or better a real kin, to answer the question on a specific case.