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Slag Bulk Density

Dear All,


I have measured the bulk density of slag with 12 % moisture which gives 1.34 Kg/Lit .

The same slag after dried the moisture around 4 % the density gives around 1.293 Kg/lit. How can I explain to a non technical person ( Probably Finance person).

Can any one help me?


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TimePosted 17/12/2010 21:10:21
lalbatros says

Re: Slag Bulk Density

Explain them in reverse order:

Let them imagine a cubic meter of granular slag.
Ask them to wet this slag with 80 liters of water.
Ask them if the weight of this cubic meter has changed.
Then ask them about the density.

Obviously, the volume of a slag pile represents more the amount of dry slag than the amount of wet slag, since you can add a lot of water without changing the volume.

Note: For finely ground slag the story might be different, as we all know from our chidren games with dry and wet sand. In that case, superfical tension of water makes wet sand more compact.