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TimePosted 18/12/2010 02:24:19
shiggavi says

Cement roller press

How to find the cement roller pressed discharge material cake density?


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TimePosted 18/12/2010 10:42:05
lalbatros says

Re: Cement roller press

You get that by:

  • measuring the flow through the press (M  [kg/s])
  • measuring the gap between the rollers (e  [m])
  • measuring the width of the cake (L  [m])
  • measuring the rotation speed of the press (RPM)
  • measuring the diameter of the press (D  [m])

You can then calculate:

  • the angular speed   w = RPM/60   [/s]
  • the radius of the press R = D/2    [m]
  • the volumic flow through the press V = w R L e   [m³/s]
  • the density rho = M/V   [kg/m³]

The density calculated in this way has obviously some imprecision.
The main source of imprecision is of course the value of the gap, which is not perfectly defined since the surface of the rollers is not perfectly plat.

 Why do you need to know the cake density?


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TimePosted 19/12/2010 18:20:14
rajeshfls says

Re: Cement roller press

We can crash stop the system and take samples from roller press discharge belt , then find out the density of the material.


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TimePosted 20/12/2010 14:48:59
shiggavi says

Re: Cement roller press

Using the cake density we can calculate the roller through put.

I am using very simple method to find the density:

weigh the cake and then put it into the plastic cover and then immerse in water and find the volume of water raised. So, mass/ volume gives density.

Is there any other method?