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TimePosted 19/12/2010 10:48:33
elwathig says

firefiting system in coal mill

Dear all:

can any body exiplain to me what the function of carbon dioxide in cal mill if temperature go high?

And what the solutions if  temperature  of coal in stoarge bin was high and kiln  not running (in shud down) pluse firefiting not warking?


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TimePosted 19/12/2010 18:18:00
rajeshfls says

Re: firefiting system in coal mill

If the coal mill temp goes high, it can ignite the coal and result in explosion inside the mill and components. Thats why the CO2 is injected into the mill to create a inert condition , means to reduce the Oxygen content inside the mill to avoid any firing/explosion.

If the CO2 system is not working, we can fill 5 tons of limestone dust/raw meal dust into the fine coal bin. This will act as a blanket for fine coal to avoid contact with air, which is rich in oxygen.