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TimePosted 09/01/2011 16:00:12
M.Azhar says

Is this Decision Right........?

Hello every one ...

Today i want to discuss one decision  about the kiln and i wants your comments ....


 We had shut down for Kiln maintenance  and for Raw mill ....(rooler liner and table liner and rotary feeder liner changing are the major jobs in MPS Pfiffer 350tph)

we had completed our kiln jobs before the raw mill maintenance

before the shutdown we had about 6000tons raw meal in the silo.......... 

when we start the kiln firing .....that time  mill had at least three days jobs but our seniors decide to preheat the kiln for 24hr and also start the kiln feed....and unfortunately silo became empty at that spot mechanical team declare that, they had still three two day job ....

so or senires decide to keep  the flame on to maintain the Inlet temperature about 800C...so  we consumed 1.5tph coal along 350lit/hr diesel .........and that falme continue for the three days ...........

My idea was that ...let stop the firing till mechanical clearance for the mill and start the firing after at least four hour production of raw meal...........

What You people say about this story .............. 













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TimePosted 10/01/2011 04:21:14
Ahmed says

Is this Decision Right........?

My Suggestion is


Stop firing and start after clearance from Raw Mill Side before 6-8 hrs

1)  During this period you can finish kiln maintenance Jobs If any remained,

2) If continuous firing will be there, we cannot control Shell Radiation Temperatures

3) We can consider saving of  fuel also.



Michael Clark
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TimePosted 10/01/2011 08:12:49

Re: Is this Decision Right........?

It doesn't sound as if the maintenance was very well planned or coordinated.


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TimePosted 12/01/2011 07:11:44
Engr.Amin says

Re: Is this Decision Right........?

Dear Azhar,

               It is strange to know such types of happenings, It is better to stop kiln now and preheat after completion of work. It is too dangreous for refractory of kiln, you will loose your refractory as well as money by doing such type of activties.

 Anyhow, as you have mentioned that 1.5ton/hr coal and 35lit/hr deisel will be consumed  for such type of non standard practice. It means that you have to spend ~108tons coal /day x Rs.10500/tons coal = PakRs.1134000 per day and for three days = PakRs:3402000 only for coal where as deisel consumption will become ~PakRs:67200 per day and for three days it will be = PakRs: 201600. total expanditure of Pak Rs: 3603600 will be spent.

If you stop the kiln now and again preheat the kiln on furnace oil for next 24 hrs then ~PakRs:1500000 will be spent on acount of preheating and will be more safe to secure your expansive Refractory inside the kiln.