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TimePosted 11/01/2011 13:45:13
vuha says

Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler

Hi everyone!

 Our plant have problem with IKN cooler grate. Our cooler grate just runnuing for only 9 months, but we have some problems with it. Firstly we sometime had snowman, and we had to stop the kiln 2 times to take out the snowman, and now we have problem that the airflowrate of cooling fan reduced (normally the flowrate of KID cooling fans are about 15000 m3/h, but now are about 6000 m3/h and we must decrease the kiln feed from 280 t/h to 210 t/h, and the air flowrate of others cooling fan reduce too, the pressure increase and the current of cooling fan motor increase too). The grate cooler is IKN with 8 rows of KID, capacity is 4000 t CLK/d. and now we stop the kiln to check and maintenance. Anyone has expreience with it and how to solve for running plant for a long time? thank you very much.


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TimePosted 11/01/2011 16:38:24
Bilal says

Re: Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler

Dear vuha,

 Snowman formation is the basic reason for your problem, after maintanance (clean all grate plates for blockage, etc) make sure that the snowman formation potentials are reduced to minimum by looking into feed-fuel compatibility, burner position(inside kln tip), sufficient air flow in first fan(s). Becase, your cooler is designed to cool and convey clinker of granular size(5-30mm). Morever before restarting plant make sure that your grate plates are covered under cold clinker also make sure that the air blaster operation do not removes this cold clinker cover during operation.


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TimePosted 11/01/2011 22:00:39
M.Azhar says

Re: Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler

first you have to check the rpm of all fan motor via speedometer said that all fans flow become low you have to check that whether you cooler running in cascade mode or in feed selection mode....


may your cooler PIDs not following the cooler table as supplied by IKN..



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TimePosted 12/01/2011 09:33:09
Engr.Amin says

Re: Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler


Please send the Kiln and cooler operation data along with Kiln feed chemistry as well as clinker then it will be easy to answer your question.

Any way  the problem of snowman is due to high fuel input to the pryo-system; please reduce the fuel to optimum value. The feed chemistry shall also be checked, high SM can also lead to high dust circulation and instruct your operators to operate kiln with optimum torque.  

The flow rate shall come down to low due to snowman on stationary portion, the snowman not allows the air to pass and the current of cooler fans shall not increase due to low intake. If the KID‘s are wide open and the cooler is empty then it shall behave what you have explained execpt high pressure. High pressure in ducts is due to clogging of KIDs.