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TimePosted 11/01/2011 14:53:59
Dr. Zoey says

Primary air momentum

I have two wet process kilns burning natural gas. They are basically the same process and dimensions. However, one of the main differences is the design of the main burner.  One of the burners has a primary air momentum of 600%m/s while the other has 3000%m/s. Needless to say that the kiln with the low primary air momentum is very lazy. This kiln is also more prone to generating dusty clinker, while the other kiln nodulizes properly. The both kilns are fed the same raw meal.

Desired primary air momentum should be in 1200-1780%m/s according to FLS. It is also said that having a flame formation with a high flame momentum will reduce dusty conditions and result in better nodulization of clinker. Can you explain why the fame is important in nodulization. I understood that nodulization was mostly a function of chemistry.


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TimePosted 11/01/2011 22:06:01
M.Azhar says

Re: Primary air momentum

Rate of heat transfer for the making of liquid phase in less, thats why you are facing this problem ......