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Kiln RPM

Dear experts,

 i have a problem that kiln RPM at operating station and actual at site have difference of about 0.3 RPM.How can i solve this problem.

Is there any formula regarding this?






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DPM says

Re: Kiln RPM

Check first how you get the indication of kiln speed from field sensor going to your PLC or CCR monitoring system. If there is a program to convert kiln speed based on motor rpm, then just add a factor (% error) if the error is the same on all kiln speed settings. If not, then ask your automation to calibrate your tachometer. The formula usually is based on the gear (in/output) ratio of the gearbox - kiln pinion and master gear and speed of motor.

If you're running at kiln nominal speed with 0.3 difference, that is not much of a problem. Kiln speed is not always constant and varies on some degrees depending on the coating, burning zone conditions, etc.