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Cement Costing configuration

1. Can anybody tell me Cement Production flow?

2. How can we configure the cost centers for cement plant to arrive fixed and variable cost for preparation of cost sheets for analysis purposes??

3. Can anybody provide me a document on configuration of cement costing so that it will be helpful for me because i am developing the software for cement costing.




Sriram M

Ramco Cements Ltd



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TimePosted 20/02/2011 07:38:28
djmariano says

Re: Cement Costing configuration


Are you from accounting/finance department?

On what I understand the cement plant can be divided into the following cost center:

1. Crusher - This will depend on the number of your crusher facilities. In our case we have 4 crusher facilities located in different areas around the plant, so we have 4 cost centers. The crusher cost center will include the primary crusher, secondary (if any until third stage crushing), until bridge reclaimer

2. RawMill - This will include the areas from the rawmaterial bins, rawmill proper, rawmill recirculation, until the Blending Silo (where you store the rawmeal).

3. Kiln - This is from the conveying mechanism after the blending Silo, Preheater, Kiln Proper, Clinker coolers and clinker conveying system.

NOTE: you can create sub-cost center if you like.

4. Cement mill - From the conveying system of Clinker silo, to cement mill proper until Cement Silos.

5. Packing - This include all the flow clain and bucket elevator from Cement Silo until the rotopacker.


Fixed cost are normally includes the Maintenance stock, external labor, rentals, fees, wages, other fixed cost

Variable cost includes refractory bricks, castables, electricity, fuels, rawmaterials, liners, grinding ball/rollers..

 Best regards,


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TimePosted 25/02/2011 10:40:23
Engr.Amin says

Re: Cement Costing configuration


    First of all you must have to develop the norms shee, norm sheet means consumption of all the comodities per ton of cement.

For emaple

Limestoneton / ton Clinker1.078
Shaleton / ton Clinker0.385
Iron Oreton / ton Clinker0.077
Total Raw Materialton / ton Clinker1.540
Furnace Oil ton / ton Clinker0.00125
Coalton / ton Clinker0.14195
TDFton / ton Clinker0.00400
Furnace Oil Equivalentton / ton Clinker0.0805
Diesel at KilnLtr. / ton Clinker0.150
Diesel at QuarryLtr. / ton Raw Material0.850
Gypsumton / ton Cement0.050
Performance improver (L.S)ton / ton Cement0.000
Power (Gross)Kwh / ton Cement105.00
Paper BagsNo. / ton Cement20.200

Refrectory Consumption
Magnesite Bricks (M.Ton)
Alumina Bricks (M.Ton)
Alumina Castable (M.Ton)
Fire Bricks (Gm/ton of Clinker)
Grinding Media (M.Ton)
Grinding Media (Gm/ton of Cement)

You have to work on these lines. I can only give you a tip,  salary and wadges and other expances can be calculated from your Finance. Once agian i have to clear you that it is just an example, you have to develop your own data.



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TimePosted 08/09/2014 15:20:06
kunle says

re Re: Cement Costing configuration

Hi friend,

I just joined a cement plant as an accountant, i want to know how the reporting format look like .