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TimePosted 22/02/2011 11:44:26
kalis says

raw mill output came down

         our raw mill is ball mill having capacity of 280tph. but last 10 days our mill is not pperforming well.      problem in our mill is the  mill is geting jam and relasing, so the return flow is not constant it is vary from 150tph to 290 tph. mill sounnd level is also varying correspondingly. we checked our seperator and all fan damper there is no variation in that and  fan power also not having much variation. we suspect first chamber grinding media is less and we put grinding media too. still the problem  is existing and the residue is not maintaing. can i get some suggesstion

 kali sankar


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TimePosted 22/02/2011 12:35:45
B.P.Jain says

Re: raw mill output came down

dear Friend,

 Have you changed souce of raw material. Sometimes different mines may give material of different hardness and it may become difficult to grind.If it is not so Please check up size of balls in all the chambers of the mill.Another reason could be that return material is high and the total cicut has to be changed.




fluence sysbacip
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TimePosted 22/02/2011 12:51:23

Re: raw mill output came down

Did u check the disperssion plate of separator  to look for sudden variation in return of the mill.

What about the diaphragm of the mill.





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TimePosted 22/02/2011 19:08:08
ILA says

Re: raw mill output came down

Dear Kali

 Is it air swept or bucket elevator raw mill ?

- At this problem period / was it work in line with kiln hot gases ? or hot gas gen.

- What is the type of weigh feeder , vendor , ETC..

- Diaphragm grate slots ? Size , situation , or have you ever changed those grate ??

Fluctuation in throughout some times refer to fluctuation at weigh feeders that's why all vendors ( most of them ) using coarse feeding valve at the head of raw mills .

This phenomena could happened also if you have trouble with scoops ( lifters ) inside intermediate diaphragm . would you check it !!

Any how its tips and i`ll wait for my questions reply to pass more .