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TimePosted 22/02/2011 20:22:27
ILA says

Iron ore

Dear Mr. Ted

 Really i need to import Iron ore for my cement company , i have too many offers , its came as powder and , granular and chunks .. so can i ask about what is your recommendation to select , and What is the proper ( Fe + ? )  to produced Portland cement type II and V  .

Your prompt will be highly appreciated .




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Dr. Zoey
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TimePosted 22/02/2011 21:09:59
Dr. Zoey says

Re: Iron ore

Good day,

With respect to the iron ore, the same iron oxide that the stell plants use would suffice. It is important to get the grainsize right. It is very important that you get a supply of oxide that flows very well. The last thing that you want are irregular flows from the iron oxide hopper as it can upset the quality control especially if making oilwell cement and other speciality cement. We use 90% Fe2O3.


Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 24/02/2011 03:52:18

Re: Iron ore

Hello ILA, There are a several things to be considered when selecting an iron corrective. As Zoey has mentioned the flow characteristics of the correctives can be just as important as the Fe content. Also the handling of the material when wet is important if the iron corrective is to be stored outside in the weather. For example, powdered iron ore would need to be stored under cover whereas granulated or chunks could possibly be stored out in the open, provided their flow characteristics when wet are acceptable. With respect to quality, generally the higher Fe content the better. However >50% as Fe2O3 is acceptable, and even lower Fe2O3 content materials (40-50% Fe2O3) can be used as long as the Al2O3 content is very low (