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TimePosted 16/03/2011 09:41:43
aspire says

cement temperature suitable for airslides

what could be the best suitable temperature of cement to flow uninterruptantly in air slides (storage silo discharge air slides)? does the temperature of cement has significance? kindly respond.


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TimePosted 21/04/2011 12:29:55

Re: cement temperature suitable for airslides

For Conveying the cement in any pneumatic conveying:

During winter :

Maintain the temperature of 70-90 deg C.

 During the summer,

Maintain the temperature of 65-90 deg C.


Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 11/05/2011 00:44:23

Re: cement temperature suitable for airslides

Besides the temp.blowers should supply dry air to air slides.Blowers without proper dryers observed in many plants.Humidity especially in rainy season gives an adverse impact on cement conveying.