RaviK Chauhan
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TimePosted 22/03/2015 13:20:25

re Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

Dear Sir

How to Do Raw mix design/calculation for more than 3 and more components in excel


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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 24/03/2015 03:41:43

re Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

Hello Ravi,

There are two ways to do this;-

1. Using simultaneous equations.


2. Using the Solver function in Excel


Using the Solver function in excel is the easiest. (See the attached simple solver spreadsheet).

To use the spreadsheet change the names and chemical analyses of the raw materials to whatever you want. Then enter whatever raw meal targets you want for LSF, SR and AR in column G, lines 15,16 & 17.

To solve the raw mix, click on the Data tab at the top of the excel screen and choose Solver (in the Analysis group). Then click the Solve button in the window that pops up, followed by the Okbutton in the Solver Results pop-up.

Hope this helps,



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