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TimePosted 09/04/2011 09:47:11
GSMS says

Kiln feed LSF

Dear Experts,

Please give me a solution for the following problem with your expertise:


Kiln feed LSF fluctuation is more compared to raw mill LSF set point. (98)

When mill is in stopped condition and the bag filter dust diverted to raw meal silo the LSF increased up to 122 and during this period the Kiln becomes very dusty and the Kiln feed TPH reduced to 220 TPH from 255 TPH

When Mill is in stopped condition and the main bag filter dust diverted to intermediate bin and mixed with kiln feed with variable speed rotary feeder the kiln feed LSF increased up to 112. During this time, we were asking the mill section to start the raw mill As early as possible and after starting the raw mill the Kiln feed LSF came under control.

We are using Natural gas as fuel


The following actions taken:


Raw meal silo top star air slides checked for any jamming, and found OK

From raw meal silo to mix bin all the 8 sectors proper working condition checked and found OK

Intermediate bin RAF minimum RPM reduced to 200 from 400 and it was extracted with 200 RPM but the bin was being filled with high-level alarm. Because of this, we were forced to increase the RPM.

Any pressurizing conditions in the raw mill air slides checked and found OK.

Raw Mill output sampling points and Kiln feed sampling points checked for any abnormalities and found OK.

From pile set point, additive consumption cross checked and with existing additive consumption the raw mill LSF is matching.



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TimePosted 10/04/2011 20:13:10
M.Azhar says

Re: Kiln feed LSF

Hello every one .

You bag filter dust directly affecting the kiln means youe silo homogenization efficiency is not good and also your silo extraction system may be some extraction gates are not working good ........

if ur silo extraction is good then try to change timing of extraction gates.


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TimePosted 11/04/2011 05:32:26
GSMS says

Re: Kiln feed LSF

Dear Mr.Azhar,

Thank you for your reply.You are right. Bag filter dust affecting the kiln feed and as rightly pointed out by you in silo the homogenization is not proper.

Silo inlet and outlet points were checked for proper functioning.

In our bagfilter dust the LSF is around 230, and I want to know what is the optimum level LSF in the bagfilter dust and if it is in the higher range how can we bring it under control?

Please suggest some solutions.


fluence sysbacip
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TimePosted 11/04/2011 08:20:41

Re: Kiln feed LSF


LSF of return dust is highly dependent on raw material properties as in our case the LSF of return dust is very low at 75-78.When you are feeding this dust back to silo it is also going to raw meal sampler as it will effect the raw meals results and ultimatly QC dept. will take action accordingly so check it.