Juliano P.Q.Minh
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TimePosted 19/04/2011 05:25:17

Dust recirculation into raw meal silo

Dear experts

     Could you show me how to calculate the dust recirculation into the raw meal silo,pls??? Some informations :

             - tow strings cyclone preheater with 01 precalciner outside

             -  using coal to burning

Thank a lot!!




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    Ted Krapkat
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    TimePosted 19/04/2011 06:37:12

    Re: Dust recirculation into raw meal silo

    Hello Calahan,

    To estimate the dust recirculation without actually measuring it directly you need to know, as accurately as possible, the chemistry (in particular LSF and LOI) of these three streams ;-

    1. Fresh raw meal (without dust)

    2. Kiln feed(containing dust)

    3. Combined recirculation dust itself.

    NOTE: These values should all be averages over a long period (days rather than hours)of stable kiln operation where no changes are made to the raw meal chemistry targets and there are no changes or interruptions to the dust stream flows.