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TimePosted 05/05/2011 16:10:06
armankhan says

combustion air

hello experts...

how we can find required combustion air for combustion process in kiln using coal as a fuel.

trainee engineer.


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Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 10/05/2011 23:12:50

Re: combustion air

You need ultimate analysis of coal and refer standard book on Cement heat balance calculations for the same.


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TimePosted 16/05/2011 16:10:17
Engr says

Re: combustion air

Dear Armankhan

You need following analysis for coal.

C, H2, S, O2

C+ O2 ....>  CO2

2H2 + O2....> 2H2O

S+ O2.....> SO2

So from stoichiometry, you can calculate required O2 for all components and then subtract available O2 with coal.

O2 Req = (O2 for C + O2 for H2 + O2 for S - O2 available)

then you know that air contains 23% O2, so calculate air required as

Air Req= O2 Req* 100/23

In last we need approx 1.5 % excess air for burning

So Actual Air Req For Combustion = Air Req * 1.015

Hope u get the answer

Have a nice day



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TimePosted 17/05/2011 15:52:24
armankhan says

Re: combustion air

thanx alot sir......