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TimePosted 19/05/2011 12:21:56
xxxx says

calculation of kiln inlet gas composition

how can i calculate the kiln inlet gas composition (CO2,O2,NOx,Sox,H2O) on mass basis as well as volume basis.

details are

coal mix cv 7000 kcal/kg

carbon in mix 85%

hydrogen in fuel 4%

sulfur in fuel 4%

oxygen in fuel 1%

ash 10%

1. heat consumption 820 kcal/kg clinker(SP kiln with unax cooler)

2. Heat consumption 770 kCal/kg cl (SLC kiln dual string grate cooler)

Kiln inlet oxygen 2.5%

raw mix to clinket factor 1.51

CaO in RAw Mix 43%

MgO in Raw Mix 0.6%

Sulfur in Raw Mix 0.1%









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TimePosted 19/05/2011 16:54:38
Vikpro says

Re: calculation of kiln inlet gas composition

Dear Mr.Raj,

I have doubt about your given coal carbon % against 7000Kcal CV. I have back calculated your CV and calculated combution product as below.



  Coal Ultimate Analysis (A.R) Product
Carbon       % 74.19
Hydrogen     % 3.81
Sulfur       % 3.81
Nitrogen       % 3.62
Oxygen       % 7.63
Ash       % 9.54
 Balance Moisture & Dust in coal % 4.87
Total volatile matter.                                    % 26.71
Fixed Carbon                                             % 58.89
Dry Mineral-matter free Fixed Carbon.          % 70.48
Total Balance Moisture.  ( Final Product )     % 2.02
Dust Addition by kiln inert gases.                % 2.8
Hard grove index 52
Heat Consumption K cal / ton Clinker 850
Co2      Nm3 1.39
H2O      Nm3 0.45
So2       Nm3 0.027
N2          Nm3 6.26
One kg of fuel combines with Nm3 Air. 7.83
Combustion gases per kg of fuel in Nm3 8.12
Gross CV as per calculation 7004
Net CV as per calculation ( As received BIN ) 6808


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TimePosted 20/05/2011 03:39:22
xxxx says

Re: calculation of kiln inlet gas composition

Dear Vikpro

I want to know the calculation method not the calculated values.

Let me have a sheet of calcualtion pl.