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TimePosted 27/05/2011 23:34:02
armankhan says

id fan motor bearing temp problem

nowadays we facing problem here in id fan motor bearing teperature  its temp increased upto 73degree celcius and id fan tripped as 73 its tripping point..  we have china plant 3150kwat motor.... what are the reasons behind this? our cooling and oil system is ok


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fluence sysbacip
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TimePosted 28/05/2011 09:41:26

Re: id fan motor bearing temp problem

what is the vibration status of ID fan both side.Check bearing alingment.




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TimePosted 29/05/2011 08:32:12
Engr says

Re: id fan motor bearing temp problem

Dear ArmanKhan,

Heating phenonomenon occoured in bearing is known as 'Seizing'

Most common reasons of bearing seizure are as follows.

Improper lubrication (Check lubricant type, quantity, quality and life.)

Possible entry of water or debris in lubricant.( Replace lubricant and improve sealing)

Excessive preloads.

Improper contact of rolling elements with roleway surfaces.(Inspect bearing)

Excess rotational speed.(Decrease speed if excessive)

Ambient T high b/c of high T at PH fan inlet.( Make some insulation or external cooling to avoid heat from the reach of bearing.)

Excessive shaft bending.

U can have an external cooling fan to prevent frequent tripping of PH fan,

Hope u get some help

Have a nice day.



Wahid Ullah
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TimePosted 10/06/2011 12:39:43

Re: id fan motor bearing temp problem

dear check shaft alighnment & lubricant life. i think the life of ur lubricant has expired & its viscosity become low. in summer season ur oil become thin