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TimePosted 30/05/2011 08:07:22
xxxx says

high ph outlet temp.

we have unax cooler kiln with 1100-1150 tpd clinker.

after a shutdown stoppage the ph o/l temp. has increased by 10 deg. previously 395-400 deg but now 405-410 deg.

oxygen , coal, feed are same & also tph is same.

when tried by increasing feed  but temp. further increased.

pl. suggest.




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fluence sysbacip
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TimePosted 30/05/2011 15:04:01

Re: high ph outlet temp.

When you are increasing kiln feed also increasing the ID or kiln has already sufficient oxygen.Try to control ID fan speed.




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TimePosted 01/06/2011 06:32:45
Engr says

Re: high ph outlet temp.

Dear Raj,

One reason for this high T is the PH top feed divertor, that has some material leackage. This will cause some feed to return to raw meal silo and hence your top temp will go higher side. You observe it and fix some stopper plate towards recirculation side.

Have a nice day



Vinay Parmar
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TimePosted 19/06/2011 11:11:28

Re: high ph outlet temp.

dear raj

check follwoing and compare before and after shutdown may you will get solution.

current of id fan

preheater outlet draft 

current of kiln feed system