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TimePosted 23/06/2011 18:32:34
vuha says

Formation of coating in the kiln

Dear all!

We have a problem with coating in the kiln as below:

the coating in the kiln is not stable, so whenever the kiln condition changes as coal quality change, rawmeal changes... then coating fall down so kilnshell temperature high (around outlet tyre) and affect to the IKN cooler. I thought it's because of kiln burner not good, but not sure. Anyone has experience to solve it. 

Thank alot!



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TimePosted 24/06/2011 07:56:08
Vikpro says

Re: Formation of coating in the kiln

Dear Vuha, Cement process parameters may fluctuate, due to small changes right from crusher to cooler. like size of raw material, water spray , recirculation of dust from kiln, change in fuel, frequent mill jamming, pre heater condition, bypass condition , kiln inside coating condition, burner flame condition and cooler ( IKN) air flow. I have worked in your type plant for 20 years, so send me your problems to my email it's not possible to discuss all above details in forum. Vikpro


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TimePosted 24/06/2011 21:40:32
Engr says

Re: Formation of coating in the kiln

Dear Mr Vuha,

I think you should try to stabilize your Sec and Ter air T as much as possible. Also coal conveying air should be checked for any fluctuation. I have experienced problems like this due to fluctuation of coal conveying air. And we installed high capacity coal conveying blowers to overcome this fluctuation. More over try to run kiln little bit hot to overcome lab/ process fluctuations. You can also reduce slight kiln rpm if any allowance in your system. But in long term, you must get rid of the chemistry and process fluctuations as you mentioned. Also mention what type of burner you are using for any further discussion.

Have a nice day.




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TimePosted 30/06/2011 19:52:16
I.Flex says

Re: Formation of coating in the kiln

if there is a flactuations in silica ratio and alumina ratio so its normal to have a fallen down coat.

so you should first stabilize the silica and alumina ratio.