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TimePosted 29/06/2011 07:32:37
elminia says

secondary and tertiary air for main burner and calciner

Sirs, please help me

I have some questions related to secondary and tertiary air . If you will use decoloriser for clinker quenching, secondary air and tertiary will be from heatexchanger, using hot gases from outlet Cyclones, before the ID fan.

If you will use mixed cooler for clinker quenching, from where you use this air. Some air is from outlet grate cooler(temperature is how much) and other part is also from heatexchanger? before ID fan.The  hot air from grate cooler have not fluctuation?

 For a rotary  kiln 3.8x68 m(near this dimensions), which are the kiln zones and the bricks types, which are used.

Many thanks for your help.



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