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TimePosted 17/07/2011 13:28:26

ball mill jamming problems

Dear All

hi !!!!!

I am new in cement industry, presently i am operating a small type of ball mill for production of slag cement. mill dia 2.28 mtr X 12 Mtr. capacity is 15 TPH, ball mill filling level in 1st cahamber is 25 % and 22 % in second chamber. in ball mill, the mill outlet bin has been jamming periodically. the mill vent fan damper operated in 60 % open.

Mill out let bucket elevator and airslide's capacity is 50 TPH.

Please solve my problems.





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TimePosted 17/07/2011 15:04:56
Vikpro says

Re: ball mill jamming problems

Dear Paresh,

I need more information about your mill, I feel  your mill ball pattern has to be redesigned. ( mail me your mill details to )

Some ?

- Chamber filling % seems too low, please recheck.

- Is mill outlet jamming due to moist material or more circulating material ?

- what was the orignal capacity with gray cement ?

- Moisture in slag clinker.



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TimePosted 18/07/2011 06:52:21
chari says

Re: ball mill jamming problems

dear paresh,

Is it a open circuit mill.