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TimePosted 21/07/2011 11:12:37
snowmen says

28 days strength

Dear Experts

I have some queries regarding strength devlopment in cement

1. What are the imporatnt parameters in clinker,  related to 28 days strength

2. Why 28 days strength reduces in cement and which parameters are responsible ?


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Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 23/07/2011 16:39:32

Re: 28 days strength

C3S develops early strength and C2S later strengths so the ratio of C3S : C2S appears to be important factor for 28 days strength.

This aspect must have been studied by some researchers I suppose!



Juliano P.Q.Minh
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TimePosted 28/07/2011 04:28:40

Re: 28 days strength

íts completely not correct. I'd realized the 28days strength sometimes not depend on C3S/C2S ratio. You could see attached file and give me some ideas in this case.


Best regard! Thanks 


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TimePosted 28/07/2011 20:36:23
lalbatros says

Re: 28 days strength

Dear calahan,

I would like to know how the c3s and c2s were obtained in your data file.
Were these measured by XRD or calculated from the Bogues formula?
It would be also useful to know how the other parameters were obtained.
For example: how was the liquid phase evaluated?
Many different formula are in use.
Maybe a table wil the elemental analysis would be clearer.

From your data file, I did a few multiple linear correlations.
It seems that the significant parameters are: {+c3a,+SO3, +MgO, -Liq, -AR},
while most influencing are  {+c3a, -Liq, -AR}.

Based on your file, we could then ask ourself: why would more liquid phase decrease 28-d strenghts?