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TimePosted 12/09/2011 12:31:17

Regarding the enhancement of output of mill.....

I am having a mill of double chamber with VRMP/Pregrinder.In pregrinder only clinker is fed and other componets Gypsum and flyash has been fed into the mill inlet.The final product of VRMP/Pregrinder has dirctly fed into the mill discharge elevator (into the dynamic separator).The gypsum size which we are getting from different resourses is varied from 5inches to 2mm and we are not having any possibility to fed gypsum into the VRMP/pregrinder.The grinding media pattern we started in 1st chamber from 70mm to 40mm and in 2nd chamber 30mm to 17mm.

The mill details are:-

Meters DiaIst ChamberIind ChamberTotal Length


The main drive motor capacity:-2500KW

The average Mill Output:-134 TPH in PPC

The average Mill Output:-115 TPH in OPC 53grade

We want to increrase teh mill output atleast by 8-10% in PPC

Can any one suggest me the best Grinding Media Pattern considering the above mentioned gypsum size problem?????????

 Now a days we are using importand gypsum from Pakinstan/Iron (Purity >90%).

Replay me as soon as possible........



Pankaj Kumar




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TimePosted 22/09/2011 11:15:51

Re: Regarding the enhancement of output of mill.....

Dear All,

No one expert here for suggesting me the best grinding media pattern regarding the above said existing condition?????


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TimePosted 06/10/2011 17:55:15

Re: Regarding the enhancement of output of mill.....


I don't find you go for big size grinding media due to variation in gyp size,since its bond index is 8-9.Hence,My suggestion is that you try for flyash feeding @ outlet,if its blaines is > 2900 cm2/g.