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TimePosted 29/09/2011 10:04:15
Bashar S says

spare parts for FLS Atox mill

Dear Sirs:

I have the following request from the operation dpt.

1. Raw Atox mill 55:
  - Table Wear segment High Chromium Alloyed cast iron ,

   (PN : 1616643 ,Drw. No. 20034899 l Qty : 1 set = 24 pcs)
   -Roller wear segment XF-2309 (PN.: 1613717 ,Drw. No. 10090390 )  Qty 1 set=36  Pcs..

2. Coal Atox mill 30:
  Table Wear segment XF-2043 (PN.: 400710 ,Drw. No. 2.163022 l Qty : 1 set = 12 Pcs.

 and i don't want to buy it from FLS ; is there any one know a reliable OEM supplier for such wear parts and Casting for FLS line?




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TimePosted 04/02/2012 17:01:42
BPK says

re spare parts for FLS Atox mill

AIA Engg Ltd., India supplies Sinter Cast Wear Segments (both table & roller) for all Mill sizes.....

visit their website....