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TimePosted 07/12/2011 19:47:02
M.Azhar says

condensation in the kiln

Hello every one 

we have a long stoppage of kiln due to some commercial problems

 (about 20days)

we checking kiln time to time after 15 days we observed some condense moisture at 40 to 64 meter are (Alumina bricks) ...but condensation is increasing , also observed in the basic bricks are 20 to 35 meter ,  here we have Almag..

 what we should suppose to do to save our basic bricks zone ahead of long stoppage 

1.every 72hrs we are giving 30degree turn on Auxiallry....is this right action on cold kiln. 



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fluence sysbacip
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TimePosted 11/12/2011 13:54:57

Re: condensation in the kiln

Dear Azhar,

Try to keep air tight your kiln  and if possible burn some waste wood into the  kiln as moisture is really dangerous for Basic bricks.