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TimePosted 08/12/2011 06:02:53
eilabaca says

Help with heat balances in raw mill

Hi everyone.

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student in Chile.
I'm currently  developing a proyect in a Cement company and I was wondering if someone could help me.
I've checked out many books but none focuses on the drying of raw materials like I need. They have a reference of necesary heat but I need more detail in that subject.
The mill is an Atox 30 with a hot gas generator with Fuel Oil Nr 6 as fuel.
 I'm looking at alternatives to reduce or change the current fuel. So I need heat balances of the entire mill including the hear generator, VRM, cyclon, ventilator and electrostatic filter. 
I have registry of material humidity, heat generated and production of raw meal.

Thanks in advance. 


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