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TimePosted 17/01/2012 10:51:07
ashkan84 says

Clinker LSF

Hi my friends

I want to know if it is possible that clinker LSF be more than kilnfeed LSF.

Best regard


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TimePosted 17/01/2012 12:51:43
lalbatros says

re Clinker LSF

Yes, this is theoretically possible.

Here is how the kiln feed LSF can be higher than the clinker LSF:
If the dust from the preheater is richer in CaO than  the clinker, then it will be returned from the filter to the kiln, and the kiln feed will have a higher LSF than the clinker.
Of course, if you have a lot SiO2-rich fuel ashes, the PH dust should then be even richer in CaO, in order to have this special relation between LSF.
If you are using a vey fine CaO raw material, all this could happen, since very fine material is much more likely to escape the PH.

Conversly, the kiln feed LSF can be lower than the clinker LSF if there is a large circulation of a fine material poorer in CaO that the clinker. This could be, for example, a fine SiO2-rich material.