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TimePosted 04/02/2012 17:18:58
BPK says

Coal flushing

Dear Friends,

We have frequent problem of coal flushing from fine coal bins which disrupt kiln operation due to high CO.

Coal dozing system includes screw feeders, solid flow meters, RALs and FK Pumps (supplied by FLS-Transweigh) 

Coal flushes in such a way that it starts leaking from RALs and vent line flanges.

We are planning to put a canopy in the coming shutdown........

plz advise....


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TimePosted 05/02/2012 16:54:16
M.Azhar says

re Coal flushing

1.May be your bins are not compeletly sealed, 

2.Bag filters should be in operation at the top of bins 

3.CO2 inertization system must be installed to control the any mishaps..





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TimePosted 20/02/2012 05:02:01

re Coal flushing

This is MOHAN.Pl check you Blower/compressor used for coal conveying and carrying velocity in the pipe.Pl attach your blower capacity with the conveying capacity.