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TimePosted 15/03/2012 08:20:25

red spot on kiln shell

Dear sirs

We're facing a serious situation that some red spots had appeared on kiln shell place on 42m position, and I find down some solutions to deal with : 

1.The kiln must be shut down if: 

The affected area is bigger than 1 m2

The affected area is in a zone where no coating formation is possible

The affected area can not be covered with coating within a certain time (more than 4 hrs)

The red spot is close to or under a tire2.

2.If the red spot is less than 1 m2 and located in the burning zone with the surrounding kiln shell not being extremely hot, try to build up coating in the affected area by shifting the reaction zones up and down within the kiln. (burner adjustment and kiln speed variation).Promote coating formation in affected area by placing cooling fans to cool the kiln shell

So in case number 2 (the red spot is less than 1 m2 ) my kiln operator did some actions : decreased kiln feed, main burner coal and kiln speed then wait in some minutes. Fortunately, the kiln was running back to normal condition (kiln shell was cooling down). But I just think its not follow to the theory due to the less kiln feed (fine coal consumption is correlative)  the less coating formation in this case.

Could u explain to me which is right??



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TimePosted 17/03/2012 09:52:46
usman2978 says

re red spot on kiln shell

in case number 2 actually your bricks not complete fall its some portion (may be bricks 1/3hight) remaining  and when operator take steps coating comes on bricks and with good control of operation by operator coating becomes hard. we have also face this problems many times and kiln run a one- two months easily.

There are two major facts of red spot.

kiln become too much hot during operation or too much cold.when radiation appeared on kiln shell first check parameters that kiln hot or cold.if hot then cold kiln and if cold then hot kiln.


Juliano P.Q.Minh
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TimePosted 19/03/2012 09:02:38

re red spot on kiln shell

Yes we tried to control smoothly to form coating there (but do not change too much feed, fuel and speed). If in case it happen again, we should decrease the speed slowly step by step, right?? only speed!!