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TimePosted 20/05/2012 20:22:15
elwathig says

kiln unstable

Dear all i facing problems in my kiln operation as the following: 1- actually we have snow man at static grate and our kiln not stable during the operation 2- then there bag pressure from the kiln hood 3- kiln torque not stable 4- secondary air temp too high 5- excess air temp too hig 6- and we are operated kiln with full id fan speed please clarify


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TimePosted 21/05/2012 17:17:33
GSMS says

re kiln unstable

First try to remove snow man.

If you have air blasters in the cooler use it.

The other method to dislodge snow man is changing the cooler bed height by changing cooler grate speed. In this method you must be very careful.

Adjust cooler air flow.

Take care of your kiln outlet refractory.

Do not allow the snow man to stay continuously.

The reason for snow man in most cases is due to sudden increse in liquid phase.

To control rawmix, please refer the previous posts on snow man in which experts like Mr.Ted Karpet explained in detail.


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TimePosted 24/05/2012 05:13:50
Nael says

re kiln unstable


1- If you have Snowman in the cooler; sure you should stop for removing it otherwise you will face alot of operation & mechanical problems.

2 & 3- You didn't send more details about your kiln parameter but if you have "back pressure" & "unstable kiln torque" I am sure you have boulder inside the kiln or heavy coating (ring).

4- I think this answer why you have snowman. "too high secondary air temp" is one of the main reasons of snowman formation. So as GSMS mentioned try to control and adiust cooler speed and air flow to reduce secondary air temp.

5 & 6- If you have "too high excess air temp" why are you operate the kiln with "full ID fan Speed" !!!!!!?




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TimePosted 04/06/2012 18:01:13
Abuthalib says

re kiln unstable

Yes, as Mr.Nael says try to remove the snowman as soon as possible. It leads the disturbed operation/ parameters till it exists. Try to give the thermal shock for the snowman by cooler air flow along with try to use the air blasters with full care.

If snow man presence, depends upon its size it will affect the aero dynamic of secondary air flow to kiln. It will disturb a lot with burner momentum and its burnability. This leads your kiln torque fluctuation.

So try to remove the snowman as soon as possible at any cost, this will solve all your problems.