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TimePosted 26/06/2012 08:37:39
electron says

C3S % in clinker andf specific heat consumption

Hello every body ,


Is there a relation ( formula )  between the C3S % in clinker and the specific heat consumption

if yes could you please mentioned the reference for that


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TimePosted 26/06/2012 09:32:16
lalbatros says

re C3S % in clinker andf specific heat consumption

More c3s implies more CaO.
Theoretically the cost of this is mainly the heat of decarbonation.
Roughly, this will be twice higher because of the various heat losses.
Any kiln balance tool can be used to calculate that.
You can find all the data on the heat of reactions in any textbook of cement kilns.
Have a look for the VT10 notes from VDZ, like there: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50011494/kiln-vt10-english  , specially page 63.