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TimePosted 21/07/2012 06:14:26
xxxx says

expansion of cement

Dear All

what is the diffrence between autoclave & Lechatelier expansion?

what are the reasons of Autoclave expansion & ramedy?

what are the reasons of Lechalier expansion & solutions?

Can both occur simulateniously? if yes why?

Pl. reply





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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 24/07/2012 03:24:59

re expansion of cement

This paper should answer most of your questions;-





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TimePosted 24/07/2012 10:37:08
Kumar says

re expansion of cement

The Le Chatelier procedure determines unsoundness from the hydration of free CaO only, whereas the autoclave procedure measures cement paste expansion from either free CaO, free MgO, or both. However, it should be noted that a high C3A and low C4AF content in cement, in addition to the known additive effects of CaO and MgO, may also contribute to the total autoclave expansion.