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TimePosted 30/08/2012 16:34:56
elwathig says

lime stone hoper blockage

Deal alL

can any one give me the  explaination  for why  lime stone hoper blockage by big size stone and what the solution for this  problem?


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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 03/09/2012 05:50:21

re lime stone hoper blockage

Hello Elwathig,

Bridging in a hopper is more likely if the hopper outlet is too small for the size or type of feed material.

Large rocks will reduce the effective outlet diameter of the hopper as they pass through, this will increase the tendency for the smaller stones to bridge between the large rock(s) and the wall of the hopper and block the outlet. If the rocks are large enough, two or three may coincidentally enter the hopper outlet at the same time and block the outlet by bridging against one another.

The best solution to this problem is to reduce the size of the crushed limestone entering the hopper. Any other solution, such as adding a vibratory feeder or other modifications to the hopper will be expensive.