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TimePosted 24/09/2012 04:07:44
xxxx says

coating inside kiln

we are having 2.8 m dia & 37 m long kiln producing gery clinker with 5 stage ilc system.100% petcoke fired. we have alumina bricks inside kiln . we face a lot of problems of oating inside kiln

[1]one area is the kiln outlet from tip to 304 meters inside (upto the point where flame soot is seen)

[2] ii area is 11 to 15 m from outlet.

what are the possible reasons & counter actions of the same at the above two locations.

burner pipe in the center of kiln.

liquid value ~ 24-25% only.

due to this we have to reduce the production from 55 tph kiln feed to 45 tph kiln feed.

please suggest




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