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TimePosted 19/10/2012 08:15:40
armankhan says


we have 33water spray nozzles 22small 11big. why this combination given in gasconditioning tower of small and large nozzles?can we operate all small nozzles and can keep close big nozzles if yesthen why given big nozzles?


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TimePosted 28/10/2012 13:04:25
gks says

re GCT


       Water spray nozzle adjustment  is done supplier as per your requirement of temp. reduction of gas. As per temp.droping nozzle may operate according flow of gas from preheater.

        Pl give more detail like

         1. position of GCT  in system . Before preheater fan or after preheater fan.

        2.  Nozzle position in GCT.

         GK SHARMA