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TimePosted 23/11/2012 15:13:47
xxxx says

Cement Mill Vent/ESP fan load

I am getting only 4-5 kW in a close ckt ball mill ESP fan power . Mill tph 100 ,dia. 4.2 m & length 13.6 m.

By calculating from fan volume & efficiency it is also around 4.5 kw.

Velocity through mill is 1.4 m/s

What are the possible reasons for such low power consumption?



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Chemical Gem
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TimePosted 10/03/2013 10:38:57

re Cement Mill Vent/ESP fan load

Send the Mill details in Detail.

Your Mill Circuit, wheather it is a closed circuit or open circuit.

Airsweapt or Semi-airswept.

Damper Position and what type of damper

if possiblie send ur mimic to my mail