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TimePosted 23/11/2012 15:29:01
xxxx says

Cement Mill Diaphragm Slots size

Dear All

Normally the slot size in a close ckt mill is such that Idiaphragm it is 6 to 8 mm while for II diapgragm it is 8 to 10mm .

But In Polysius mills it is opposite means low size slots in II & higher in I diaphram plates.

Can anybody clarify why?


How the slot size is decided?



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Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 26/11/2012 07:07:36
Raj Sahu says

re Cement Mill Diaphragm Slots size

In a conventional closed circuit ball mill,to prevent the clinker nibs entering to second chamber of the ball mill, first chamber slot size has been kept 6-8 mm by different manufacture.Second chamber diapharagm slot size has been kept 8-10mm.Polysius mill designer also follows the same industrial design norms.