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TimePosted 24/12/2012 11:59:58
faslan says

white clinker production

Dear all,

I have little experience in white clinker, I have some questions about the process.

In the plant that I have visited and inspected, (4 stage-preheater FLS design) they use secondary air from a heat exchanger where the fresh air was heated up by kiln gas. Its temperature was 220 C.

Q1: For a stable and intense flame the temperature of secondary air should be higher. So what if we use a combustion chamber and heat the air to higher temperatures say 600-700 C. What would be the disadvantage in such a case?

There was no calciner in this plant,

Q2: I wonder if we use low temperature of tertiary air how would be the combustion efficiency of the calciner?

Q3: Can anybody send me a temperature and gas analysis profile of a white kiln with a calciner ?


Best Regards, 


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