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xxxx says

SO3 % in hot meal

Dear All

How can I calculate %SO3 in hot meal if I fire 80% Petcoke & 20 % southafrican coal mix

60% in ILC Calciner & 40% in Kiln firing.

How can I counter check it with Laboratory results.

Lab results say 0.65% SO3 in hot meal & 0.43% LOI in hot Meal which is a doubt?

Heat consumption 800 Kcal/Kg cl ?

Please Suggest.



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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 04/01/2013 05:08:07

re SO3 % in hot meal

Hello XXX-Engr,

SO3 volatility is a complicated function of  many different dynamic variables, including temperature, alkali/sulphur balance, kiln inlet oxygen, burner efficiency, type of sulphur present in the raw materials and fuels etc.

Therefore, it would be almost impossible to accurately calculate your hot meal SO3 content. You can however calculate the SO3 of your clinker if you know the sulphur content, ash content and feed rates of your fuels, as well as the sulphur content and LOI of your raw meal, plus the raw meal feed rate to the kiln.

A hot meal SO3 content of 0.65% is exceptionally good, especially for a kiln burning petcoke, but certainly quite possible, as long as the alkali/sulphur balance is close to 1.0, the kiln inlet oxygen is at least 2-3% and the burning zone temperature is not excessive,.

However 0.43% LOI in hot meal seems fairly low. Generally hot meal LOI for precalicner kilns is in the range 2 - 4%