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TimePosted 19/03/2013 07:14:32

High IR in Puzzolanic and Lst

Hi all

At my plant, the IR in Puzzolanic and Lst is rather high (to Puzzolanic > 52%, to Lst > 9%) and i wonder that this can create bad effect in the quality of cement ? Or something not good can be happened in all the system?


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TimePosted 21/03/2013 06:45:41
yadavd says

re High IR in Puzzolanic and Lst

 Sir What mean by pozzolanice is it Fly Ash or  China Clay and I.R% is also upto 90% found in flyash depending upon source but it has not any negative impact in quality .


As far my thinking if I.R is high it means silica will be higher side in pozzolanice ,