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TimePosted 19/03/2013 10:36:07
Nael says

Burner Pipe Orange Coating


In few months we have faced abnormal phenomena in one of
our kilns (3 kilns) burner pipe … after stopping the kiln firing and talking the
burner pipe out; oily orange colour coating start forming on the burner pipe
castable (as shown in the figure). Sample has been taken and analyzed in the

Chemical composition of the sample:

SiO2: 30.03%

Al2O3: 20.51%

Fe2O3: 1.02%

CaO: 28.1%

MgO: 1.32%

SO3: 1.06%

Na2O: 2.4%


P2O5: 0.11%

TiO2: 0.67%

Mn2O3: 0.018%

SrO: 0.15%


CrO2: 0.033%

Anyone can help me to understand this phenomenon? Why does
this coating forming only after talking the burner pipe out? And why does it
happen only in one kiln although our raw materials are the same in all the
kilns and the fuel (natural gas) also the same?


Best Regards     

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